Catholic couples

Praying as a Catholic couple

Our faith offers us a myriad of ways of praying together for ourselves and our families. The Rosary is the prime example of a family prayer, recalling the life of Jesus as we pray. This prayer has been prayed by many generations before us and is still very popular today. However it is only one way and if it isn’t so appealing to you at this time you can use others.

Have you ever just come before God in prayer and spoken to him in your words, explaining how you feel, what is happening in your lives right then, both the happy and sad times? Do you take it in turns to talk to God and each other?

My husband and I always hold each other’s hands and/or each other as we pray together. For us this has been both a source of comfort and blessing. It helps us to recognise that we are a couple so we both have a share in whatever we are praying about. Over the years we have learnt to share both the prayer and the conversation with each other and with God. It takes practise but the closeness it brings to your relationship is so valuable.

There are resources to use to help you pray as a couple. One resource is “I am with You”.

It has a reflection on the Gospel from Sunday that sheds light on the gift of human love and asks us to reflect, as a couple. Each week’s reflection is only two pages long. Cardinal Nichols says “I hope that husbands and wives will discover the source of courage required for that acceptance, pardon and dialogue which characterise a true communion of hearts and minds”.

He commends it to us as “a timely initiative……which will help to deepen Eucharistic love within marriages so to constantly renew the core of the domestic Church”.